• Location: Phuoc Binh National Park – 2 Hours by Car from Cam Ranh Bay
  • Trip Time: 8.00 am to 5.30 pm
  • Distance: Approx 10 kms of Hardcore Rafting, Class 2 & 3 Rapids + Falls
  • Rafting in Secret Valley, Class 2+3 Rapids and Water Falls all the way! Remote Location Exploration, Rivers, Forest & Mountains, Meeting Tribal people

Trip Details

Location: This is a special White Water Rafting Trip! We are going to take you to a remote Secret River Valley located deep in Phuoc Binh National Park Nature Reserve. The Valley is remote and very sparsely populated, only a few Tribal Minority Groups like the Raglai, Churu & Kinh Peoples live in the Valley. When we do meet these special Minority people our guides will introduce to them and their unique way of life. The Secret River Valley is of high landscape and biodiversity value containing many plants and animals typical of rare sub-tropical Ecosystems, you will be amazed by the Plants and Animals you see in the Valley, it is like a real life Jurassic Park!

Rafting Trip: We are going to take you on a 10 kms long River Rafting Trip through the Secret River Valley. We use Inflatable Kayaks for this Rafting Trip, one per person per boat for maximum mobility around the Rapids and Rocky sections of River. The River has many Class 2 & 3 Rapids and small Water falls to navigate and along the way we have to Porter the Inflatable Kayaks around the larger Fall’s and Rapids. The River is shallow and rocky and there is a strong current all the way. The River is remote and you will see few if any people on the River! This is a serious Rafting trip, you need to be fit and mobile and it is not for the faint hearted!


8.00 am

We collect you from your Hotel in Bai Dai Beach and take you by Car to the Secret River Valley in Phuc Binh National Park, it is approx. 2 hours from your Hotel / Resort in Cam Ranh / Bai Dai. Enjoy the amazing up spoilt scenery along the way to the mountains.


10.00 am

First our Guides will set up Kayaks and give you a Safety and Route Planning talk, then we launch kayaks and start Rafting! The next two hours of river Rafting is “Hardcore” all the way! Strong Current, Class 2 & 3 Rapids & Water Falls!


12.00 am

We stop for a delicious BBQ lunch on the River bank. Take a swim in the cool clean water, relax and enjoy the Forest scenery, look out for Tropical Birds & animals, enjoy the pristine environment and remoteness.


1.30 pm

Resume Rafting! More Rapids and Falls. Along this section we will porter the Kayaks around a very powerful Rapid!


3.30 pm

Rafting Trip is Complete! You have just ran 10 kms of wild white water Rafting through a Remote Valley! Our Guides will pack the equipment away whilst you enjoy an ice cold beer! The Guides will have you back in your Hotel / Resort in Cam Ranh / Bai Dai for Sundown.