• Location: In the Hills and Valleys near Cam Ranh Bay
  • Trip Time: 8.00 am to 4.30 pm
  • Distance approx: 25 kms to 30 kms
  • Meeting Minority Tribal People in the Villages and Homes

Trip Details

This is a special Bike Trip that will introduce you to the Raglai Minority People. The Raglai people are a unique and distinct Ethnic Minority Group, they live in the mountains surrounding Cam Ranh & Nha Trang. We are going to take you into the Mountains and explore the by Bike into the Raglai Country to meet these fascinating people. Raglai communities protect their forests and the environment as part of their way of life and on this unique Explorer Bike Trip you will fully experience their culture and way of life. The Raglai Country is pristine un-spoilt eco-system, the views of the Mountains, Lakes, Forests & Valleys are amazing. You will love meeting the friendly Raglai people! You can choose to do some Off Road Biking on this Trip, just ask the guides!


8.30 am

We collect you from your Hotel in Bai Dai Beach and take you by Car to the Bike Trip Starting Point in the Hills near Cam Ranh Bay, it is approx. 1 hour from your Hotel / Resort in Cam Ranh Bai Dai.


9.30 am

We start the Bike Trip near a large lake in the Hills deep in the Raglai Country. The route is slightly downhill most of the way with some small up-hill sections. Along the way enjoy the views of the surrounding Hills, Valleys, Farms & Villages.


12.00 pm

We stop for Lunch with a Raglai Family, enjoy the food and their warn hospitality and experience their simple way of life.


1.30 pm

Resume biking, more exploration and meeting friendly Raglai people and Vietnamese farmers.


3.30 pm

Biking Trip is complete! We return you to your Hotel / Resort in Cam Ranh Bay or the beach Bars and restaurant on Bai Dai beach. Enjoy complementary cold drinks on the way back!