This is our favorite long Range Tour in the Highlands near Nha Trang. Dalat Plateau is only 2.5 hours’ drive from Nha Trang. We can arrange 2 to 7 day Expedition Tours in and around Nui Ba Altitude National Park, in between Heavens Pass and Dalat City. Đà Lạt Plateau is known for its mild and constant temperatures, which vary very slightly throughout the year. The average temperature in April, the warmest month, is 26.3 °C. January, the coldest month, sees an average temperature of 10.5 °C. October is the wettest month of the year

Tour Details

Expedition tours are based on a 2 to 7 days spent traveling through the Dalat Plateau’s forests & mountains by Hiking & Mountain Bike and along Rivers & Lakes in Inflatable Kayaks. You will experience exciting Mountain Bike rides on and off road, Kayaking Rivers & Rapids and Hiking through Forests, Mountains and Tribal Villages. We spend the night in Homestays in Ethnic Minority Villages & Camps in the National Park.


Customized Tours Only

Our tours into the Highlands are all fully customized, each one is different depending on how many days and what you want to do. These are private tours, only your tour group, no sharing with strangers. We only do Expedition Tours in remote areas where there are no other Tourists, let us know what you would like to experience and we will customize your Tour Plan:-

  1. How many People in Your Group?
  2. How many days do you want to go Hiking, Camping, Rafting & Biking?
  3. Do you want to travel to and from Nha Trang or Dalat Cities?
  4. Do you want to travel ‘Freestyle’ and carry the bare minimum survival equipment on your bike or do you want to use a support car?

Meet the Hill Tribes!

Vietnam is home to many Hill Tribes. The Mountains around Nha Trang are inhabited by the K’ho, Ede, Rhade, Raglai, Churu & Kinh Ethnic Minority Peoples. We organize special tours so you can meet these people and experience their unique culture. On this tour you experience their ancient way of life. They live in tune with their local environment. You will stay in their homes and enjoy their hospitality. We will eat traditional tribal food, drink cane wine and join a traditional Gong Music Party.

Special Permission Required

These remote Tribal areas have only recently been opened up for Tourism. We work closely with the National Park Authorities and have special permission from them to operate tours legal and safely in these areas! You will see few if any foreigners during our trips.

Customized Dalat Plateau Expedition Tour Plan


Day 1

Downhill High Altitude Mountain Biking Heavens Pass to Da Nhim Village

Pick up in Nha Trang City and Drive 70 kms to the top of Heavens Pass at 1700 meters altitude. At the Top of Heavens Pass we transfer to Mountain Bikes and start Biking eastwards, down the Mountain into the Dalat Plateau. The route is mostly downhill and you will experience high speeds, enjoy the amazing Mountains, Rivers & Pine forest scenery along the way. Along the way will stop and meet the local Hill Tribe people.

Da Nhim Village Homestay

From the Top of Heavens Pass its 30 kilometers to our first overnight Homestay in Da Nhim Village. Da Nhim Village is populated by the K’ho Hill Tribe. The K’ho people are of Khmer origin and their culture is very different form the Lowland Vietnamese. They are renowned for the health and fitness and we will introduce you to them and their unique way of life. You will stay in a very comfortable Homestay with excellent food, hospitality and views of the surrounding Mountains.


Day 2 (or more, it’s up to you!)

Bidoup Nui Ba National Park Exploration

32 km north of Dalat is the densely forested Bidoup Nui Ba National Park, the main entrance is in Da Nhim Village. The park is spread over 70,038 ha of land on a plateau in the stunning Langbiang Mountains. It is covered with thick forests of evergreen and coniferous trees and tall, echoing bamboo groves. The high altitude and cool climate offer a unique ecosystem which supports many different species of flora and fauna. It provides the habitat for some rare and fascinating species including the yellow cheek gibbons, black bears and vampire flying frogs. The park also boasts 62 rare plant species and upwards of 250 species of orchids. The rambling park is crisscrossed with trails, all venturing deep into the wild. There are many different trails to suit all timeframes and abilities, ranging from a gentle afternoon stroll to more vigorous trek over multiple days. There is a large focus on eco-tourism and conservation in the park and the visitor Centre is a great resource of information. As well as providing trekking routes, there is a wealth of knowledge about the K’ho hill tribe culture and their traditions.

We can arrange a true Eco Exploration Expedition for you in this Park. We will customize a trip combining Biking, Hiking and Kayaking into the deep interior of the Park. You can choose stay in either a Camp deep in the Forest or a comfortable Dacha style Villa (sleeps up to 8 people) in a Hill Station Resort in the Park.  Our Guides will arrange everything for you including Park Guides, Route Planning, Equipment, Food and Transport. This is true exploration as no one has done this before, each route plan is unique.


Day 3

Downhill Biking High Speed Biking Heavens Pass and Rafting the Cai River

The next part of the customized tour is our Bike and Rafting Tour, Heavens Pass and the Cai River, High speed High altitude Biking combined with Rafting. It is a combination of High Speed Downhill Biking & Running Class 2 & 3 Rapids in inflatable kayaks. The trips starts at Heavens Pass, 1700m in the Mountains and runs thru the Cai River Valley. You will experience some of the most beautiful unspoiled Mountain & River scenery in Vietnam. On this trip you experience high speeds on bikes, running rapids on Inflatable Kayaks, waterfalls & meeting Hill tribe people. Biking is downhill all the way and there is always a current in the river.

We begin the trip at Heavens Pass, Its Downhill all the way, you use the brakes to control your speed. It’s up to you how fast you want to go. It’s a brand new road, the surface is excellent and there is very little traffic. Along the way we stop for sightseeing, the Mountain views are spectacular! This route is considered one of the best Biking trips in South East Asia.

After Biking, we stop for lunch and then start your Rafting Adventure. Our Guides will set up the Rafts & pack your valuables away for you in our dry bags. There is a current in the river all year so we use the paddles to steer only. Relax and enjoy the mountain scenery and look out for exotic birds. There are exciting Class 2 & 3 Rapids and some small Waterfalls to navigate.